stage show

brawny figure

true talent

joie de vivre

christmas countdown

for better or worse

spiceless girls

fully committed

cougar bait

new face, new body

complete number

too good for words

martial man

burning love

vocal harmony


¡ay, qué calor!

come and get it!

too sexy for his shirt

hunky player

haters gonna hate

sweet seduction

life's a beach

growing pains

confidence is key

um homem real

sugary romance

¡muy bien, indeed!

unfinished business

dancing the night away

criminal minds

a wedding switcheroo

love and happiness

jeitinho brasileiro

belo e básico

free spirit

addictive song

stage beast

salon antics

the water rider

woman in charge

size queen

fancy-dress ball

disco diva

seductive moves

cool sound

the 'l' word

o homem da grife

the time travellers

field day

chega de saudade

a visual representation

easy on the ears

fun in the sun

let them eat cake!

oh, what a night!

mediterranean passion

public exposure

power play

waterside expedition

sweet surrender

female brigade

raw emotion

musical camaraderie

a colorful story

sexy tube ride

dance squad

expensive taste

retratos masculinos

win-win situation

male scent

flower fairies

work in progress

music to our ears

escapada europea

hear their roar

personal matters

más de lo mismo

reappearing act

una fiesta para dos

rebel minx

unusual lady

games people play

chiseled physique