de portugal para o mundo

my beloved one

the ringleader

fierce little thing

new girl on the block

party people

warrior princess

walk on the wild side

the year of onika

close resemblance

big shoes to fill

important reminder

nuovo capitolo

very suggestive

the seductress

red-hot revenge

viennese delicacy

belle of the ball

dance craze

the epitome of greatness

canadian sensation

good as gold

role-playing game

combo latino

when the stars align

brinde exclusivo

the pleasure principle

solo dancer

trailer treasure

barechested boys

turning point

muy majo

sex drive

a guy's girl

quick change

larger than life

sintonia fina


badass babe

iconic imagery

cutie patootie

party song

distinctive duet

powerful performance

ruthless force

love game

copying machine

musical number

mixed guy

boobie talk

updated classic

comedia romántica

out and about

magic touch

puppy dog

planet love

traffic jam

pleasant music

fruit fly

big spender

diante das câmeras

harmless fun

gold digger

one song, two versions

canadian barbie

acho chique!

aunty knows best

living legend

antes e depois

hombres atrevidos

pacote de prêmios

social network

jersey dolls

nothing new

from the bottom of heart

la justiciera

gone too soon

decoding gaga

roubando a cena

what's the point?

here and there

approved performance

busy bee

work of art

building up anticipation

double mention

open wound

spinning around

no ifs or buts

caramelo duro

the happening

male fortune-tellers

bound and determined

chart-friendly formula

paying attention

ready to party