geek version

na linha de ataque


christmas present

¡felices fiestas!

gay santa

rock persona

jazzed up


brave man

très impudent

broken gaydar

music for the weekend


oh no she didn't!

sookie sookie now!


so gleeful

dilema amoroso

male perspective


live entertainment

talk show tour

small talk

queen bee


hard to resist

fresh out of the oven

galã português


knowledge is power

estrela animal

soulful voice

love tales

all hail the queen!


over the top

vampire thriller

back to basics

temporary insanity

sexy supergirls

divas extravaganza

galán boricua

pura estupidez

pop mixture

szexi modell

música entre rejas

kinky act

la coquette

danish wannabe

the music man

que palhaçada!

acoustic session

raro momento de lucidez

mujer independiente

luz, câmera, chateação!

different flavors

canadian bacon

not bad at all

as descompensadas

já nas bancas!

electro-pop gem

love confession

tough girl

the diva is back!

sugar & spice

el potrillo

o show de bruna

boys will be boys

modelesque vibe

the face-off

por que tão óbvio?

the main attraction

star-studded show

the multitasker

gajo giro

two old chums

going global

the four-letter word

aussie connection

commercial appeal