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Ripped, well-hung and cocky, Buck Santiago is unmistakably
 COLT Man material. The 25-years-old Hungarian sex god with a body to cum for oozes pure manliness and sure knows how to work the camera and seduce every single one of us mere mortals. In his first-ever interview — via email from Budapest — the statuesque porn star shares his story and explain why, although he enjoys to be the object of everyone's fantasies, he chooses to keep his private life private. Learn more about the handsome devil below:

pop ao cubo — So, who is Buck Santiago?
Buck Santiago — Buck Santiago is a fun guy who loves to train a lot in the gym, a prankster and a bodybuilding professional competitor.

pop ao cubo — What did you do before getting into porn? What was your life like? What have changed the most?
Buck — Before porn I used to work as an intern in a design studio, it was a cool life, I mean no worries, no drama and it hasn't changed that much. I got promoted to the sales department in the same company. So it's been kind of the same.

pop ao cubo — How did you come up with your stage name?
Buck — I love western movies, so I got the Buck name from it and the Santiago surname was a random coincidence; my friend one day told me: "You look like a Latino soap opera star", so I googled male names in Spanish and I liked it very much.

pop ao cubo — When and how did you enter the industry?
Buck — I have a friend who works as a graphic designer for a huge porn company in Europe and he introduced me to the owner a few months ago. At the beginning, I laughed — yeah, I like to train a lot, but I did not see myself as a porn actor. I mean, I thought gay porn was a dark spot full of drama and stuff like that, but he showed me his professional work and I did some screenshots for that company, they liked them and, well, now you see where I am.

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pop ao cubo — So far you only did solo videos. Do you intend to continue doing this type of scene or could we expect some man-on-man action?
Buck — Yes, I mean come on! Don't you like what you see? LOL! Why do I have to share my spotlight with another dude? Just kidding! But in the near future I will do solo scenes, maybe later, very later, I will surprise you banging a hot dude.

pop ao cubo — Do you like to watch your own scenes? On a scale from 1 to 10, how hot do you think you are?
Buck – I do not watch my scenes. I bet guys who have seen my photos or videos know I'm a perfect 10 or at least a nice and hard 9½. ;)

pop ao cubo — People see you as a future COLT icon. How does it make you feel?
Buck — It's an honor, I mean COLT is pure Americana: the hottest dudes, the most buffed ones, and the top crews and photographers. So I'm flattered and I hope to fill the boots of people who inspired me to get this body and I know it has inspired you guys more than one good jerk off session. ;)

pop ao cubo — You're not exactly active on social media, are you? Why is that?
Buck — I think social media is cool to promote something, and I don't see myself as a product. I have a life and I love it as it is. I don't need to show what I eat or how I look to live, I just let the life be life and I try to keep it for myself. Besides I don't have such free time to take selfies or stuff like that. I focus my time in giving the best for my loved ones and, duh, to me and my ripped body.

pop ao cubo — What could you tell us about your personal life? Are you straight, gay or bi? Top or bottom?
Buck – I'm bi, and I've had some crushes for guys. About the top and the bottom thing, I haven't been a bottom with a guy, so I don't know. Maybe if some dude does it right, I could be a hot bottom. But my previous guys said I'm a good fucker, so let's wait for a movie to let my gay libido go wild.

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pop ao cubo – Who's your favorite porn star? Is there someone who inspires you in the business? Who is your ultimate porn crush?
Buck – Everyone, pro or not, is my favorite porn star. I mean, guys, porn is not an easy thing, you go and give your best for your fans, for the people who takes time and money to spend it in you. My friend, the graphic designer, taught me to respect my coworkers, so I think every porn star is my favorite. It might sound weird, but I like Adam Killian's ass and how he shakes that thing. I would bang that ass all day long.

pop ao cubo — You have an impressive physique! What's your workout routine? What else you do to stay fit?
Buck – I train 5 hours a day in different sets, I play football, I love swimming and I'm fast food free, so you can see the results. I try to walk every time is possible, I lift anything I can and I have sex everyday at least 2 times: one for the go and one for home.

pop ao cubo — In your opinion, what is your best physical trait? What attracts you most to another person?
Buck – My best physical feature is my chest — I mean, it's hot and men love it —, and my ass, men love to pinch it. A few years ago, I had to wear double briefs, because they pinched it a lot and how can you say no? I like in another person honesty and brains. A good body is optional as long they like to go to do some jogging with me. A body is just a body — you try to keep it as good as possible until you're gone.

pop ao cubo — What are your guilty pleasures? Tell us one dirty little secret about yourself…
Buck – My guilty pleasure is sex! I'm a player. Right now I'm settled down, but when I was single, man, nobody was left in a bar for sure! A little secret about myself is that I love to get my ass rimmed. A guy did it and at the beginning I was like: "Wow, this guy is a pro!" and I do it with my partner, so he can do to me with no shame.

pop ao cubo — What do you like to do in your spare time?
Buck — My free time is all about outdoors fun and gym training. What can I say? I love to keep my body in the best shape possible.

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pop ao cubo — What do you hope to achieve as an adult entertainer? For how long do you plan to work in the industry? Have you decided what you want to do after that?
Buck — I just want to do it until my fans decide it. I mean, for me I can do it until I die, but I bet you don't want to see an old folk showing his wrinkles and belly in a video, so you are the ones who decide until when I can entertain you. Well I have a regular job, so this is my extra job and I love it, so if there's no job in porn, maybe I start my company: Santiago Stallion. Just kidding! Porn is too much work and I think I will need some rest after a while, but not in the near future!


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