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After gaining notoriety as a cam model on Flirt4Free, Samir Hott decided to broaden his audience and try his luck in the porn industry. The break he needed came when he answered an ad posted by Shane Frost, and shortly thereafter, the aspiring actor was on a set shooting a man-on-man scene. In an exclusive interview to pop ao cubo, the native Texan of Spanish-Iraqi descent reveals everything we want to know about him: how his life off-camera is, what turns he on, who is his biggest crush and more. Read our candid Q&A with this sexy, fun and nice fella — who turns 35 next Monday, by the way — and don't forget to see some very NSFW pictures of the uninhibited newcomer!

pop ao cubo — First off, can you tell us a little about your background?
Samir Hott — Personal or sex life [laughs]?

pop ao cubo — Both [laughs]…
Samir — OK [laughs], here it goes: I grew up here in the States, in a loving home with a multiculural house, with three sisters and one brother. We grew up in a nice neighborhood in Chicago, a pretty diverse part of town. Growing up, I was deprived of sex, was kinda shy with the ladies, and knew it was taboo to be with some one of the same sex, so I kept to myself. As I grew up in to my late teen years, I started messing around with women, and after that, got bored and found to be more attractive to people of the same sex. And now that I am much older, I'm to the point in my life that I don't care what anyone thinks or says about me, and it's time to make up for all that lost time of not having sex [laughs].

pop ao cubo — How did you choose your nom de porn?
Samir — Samir is after a boyhood crush I had back in the old neighborhood [laughs].

pop ao cubo — And 'Hott' part is pretty obvious!
Samir — Thanks!

pop ao cubo — When and how did you start in the adult entertainment business?
Samir — I started out as a cam model on Flirt4Free and I enjoyed it so much, but there's only so much satisfaction you get from being by oneself, so I decided to jump in to the big leagues and have fun.

pop ao cubo — How did you get your break into the industry? Where was your first scene?
Samir — I was on Twitter promoting my cam business and I add a few porn stars. A real cute one that I followed — Armond Rizzo — had a flyer asking if you had what it takes to be a porn star, so I looked to see who posted the flyer and it was Shane Frost. I sent him an email and some pics and he liked my look and asked if I could provide some nudes, so I did. Next thing I know, I was on a plane to Las Vegas doing a shoot with Raging Stallion Studios and I did a scene with Logan Moore [for Hard Friction's Temptation]. Should be out sometime later this month [available on DVD and download on August 21st].

pop ao cubo — Did you have any expectations of what it would be like to do a porn shoot? Was porn exactly what you thought it would be?
Samir — I had no idea of what to expect, and porn is so not what I expected it to be [laughs]. I thought it was just going to be some good old-fashioned fucking and sucking [laughs]. It's actualy hard work, the days can be long, but in the end it's a lot of fun.

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pop ao cubo — What have you done so far and where can we expect to see you?Samir — I've shot a man-on-man scene with Raging Stallion that will be out this month. I've done a femdom scene with and Divine Bitches and I would love to get in to doing transexual porn as well. I'm a pretty diverse kinda guy [laughs].

pop ao cubo — What do you would like to achieve while in the industry?
Samir — I'd love to do more traveling, meeting new people and have fun. I would love to get to a stardom level and be famous.

pop ao cubo — Do you think you're ready to deal with the fame?
Samir — I think I'm mature enough to handle it. I have a clear head and a strong will. I've been sober for four years now and have many many more sober years to come.

pop ao cubo — I don't mean to be intrusive, but could you talk about that troubled past?
Samir — No problem at all. I just drank too much, liked to party. [Now] I know I can't drink, I won't allow myself.

pop ao cubo — What do you think is your best physical feature?
Samir — Besides my handsome face, I would say my biceps. I get a lot of compliments on them.

[Photo Credit: Samir Hott]

pop ao cubo — What do you find attractive in a person?
Samir — With woman, I love a strong, dominant woman. I have a female foot fetish and I like my Latinas and Asians with dark hair and tanned skin. As far as guys, I like to be the aggressive top, so I like my twinks and fembois and like my Latino bois who are dark complected with little to no facial hair and they must have great legs.

pop ao cubo — Do you have a porn crush? 
Samir — [Laughs] Do I? Where do I start? I have a huge crush on Armond Rizzo, [but] he doesn't know I'm a live [laughs]. On the woman's side, I would have to say I have a crush on Kalina Ryu and too many transexuals to list [laughs].

pop ao cubo — Which porn star do you look up to?
Samir — I would love to get to the level of Boomer Banks. He's working hard and he's doing amazing things with the fashion world as well as with porn.

pop ao cubo — Do you have an ideal partner that you like to work with in the future?
Samir — My crush Armond Rizzo. On the girl's side, would be Aletta Ocean. And on the transexual's side would be Mariana Cordoba.

pop ao cubo — What do you do to stay healthy and in shape? 
Samir — I eat a strict diet that is high in protein and low in carbs, lots of cardio and lots of weight training six days a week.

[Photo Credit: Samir Hott]

pop ao cubo — What is your day-to-day life like? Do you have a day job? How do you spend your free time?
Samir — I have a day job, I work for a well-known company. I fill my spare time reading, cycling, cooking and I love to go to street fests and listen to the live music, go to the theater and go to the movies.

pop ao cubo — Do your family and friends know about your side career?
Samir — Hopefully, one day they will see me on a billboard or the side of a bus [laughs].

pop ao cubo — [Laughs] I guess it's a "no"...
Samir — That's right!

pop ao cubo — What are your guilty pleasures? Tell me one dirty little secret about yourself...
Samir — I can NOT have any chocolate in the house! I will eat it all in one sitting like I have a problem [laughs]!

pop ao cubo — What about the dirty little secret?
Samir — Sexual?

pop ao cubo — Whatever you like to reveal...
Samir — I don't have any real dirty secrets, I'm pretty open and honest about the things I do.

pop ao cubo — How do your new career affects your personal life and vice-versa?
Samir — Besides traveling, it doesn't at all. I do a pretty good job keeping my head in the right zone.

[Photo Credit: Samir Hott]

pop ao cubo — Are you dating or single?
Samir — Dating.

pop ao cubo — What do your partner think of your career in adult entertainment?
Samir — Not too happy about the camming, but when the money is good no one complains. When I made the leap to do porn, we sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk and I give the option to say no that if would not be ok for me to do it. But we both agreed that it would be ok and there’s been a small amount of jealousy, but nothing I can't put out.

pop ao cubo — It come with the territory, right?
Samir — That it does. I mean, when someone is in love they don't want the other person being intimate with anyone else. I was able to explain that it's "work" and no real feelings at all, both parties are professionals.

pop ao cubo — Are you gay, bi, or straight?
Samir — I don't like to cast myself with a labele. In today's day and age, there should not be a reason to put such labels on people. As I said before, I'm a pretty diverse kinda guy. I think there are cute bois, hot woman and sexy transexuals. So call me what you want, just don't call me prude [laughs].

pop ao cubo — What are your hopes and plans for the near future and long-term future?
Samir — I hope to get my name out there and be able to do a ton of shoots. Plans for the near future will be continue to do what I'm doing: eating healthy and working out, work on my body, get it in to better shape. Not sure about long term right now.

pop ao cubo — For how long do you see yourself working in the industry?
Samir — I can't predict the future, but I would like to see myself working in porn for a long time to come. I can totally see myself as a director of porn.


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